Testimonials from Our Wedding Clients 2012

We appreciate those of our clients who are willing to lend their assistance to others who are planning such important events by allowing us to share their comments here.

(The contact information for clients listed below may be found on our reference page under client log-in)

"From our very first meeting, A & A surpassed all expectations.  April was an absolute life-saver and helped bring all of our ideas together to make our wedding amazing. 
Tony was amazing and thought on his feet when we had a power outage caused by the storm.  He was able to keep everything going and provide a fun party atmosphere in spite of everything.  The Photo-Booth Experience was the hit of the wedding!  Nick
was totally against having it and thought it was a waste of money.  Boy was he wrong!  The best part…was that he admitted that he was wrong.  Nick was in the booth non stop.  Our guests had a ball and loved receiving the photos to take home.  We have received so many compliments on behalf of A & A regarding how great the staff was and how much fun the made everything. The Photo-Booth allowed everyone to let loose and show a goofy / silly side.  We have so many amazing memories in the book of pictures, even great ones of my grandparents making hilarious faces and wearing masks.  I swear that for 2 weeks after the wedding I carried the scrap book around everywhere to be able to show to everyone.  The photo-booth gave our guests something to do while the bridal party were getting post wedding photos taken. 
We loved every aspect of what A & A brought to our wedding!  Thank you for helping
to make our wedding so memorable."

The Hayloft      Jessica & Nick Simmons                      3/24/2012
McLeansville, NC

"Once we met with Larry & April and heard about the “Love Story,” we were sold.  The “Love Story” was amazing!!  It was unique and memorable.  It made our wedding so much more personable.  Everyone loved it and so did we.  We are so glad that we did it. Our wedding would not have been the same without it." 

Kress Terrace          Aileen & David Drews                   4/13/2012
Greensboro, NC

"Thank you so much!  I felt like my wedding day was so beautiful and you were a big part of making that happen."

Forest Oakes Country ClubRobin & Alton Patrick     4/14/2012
Greensboro, NC

"Tony was great!  He made sure that everything was exactly how we wanted it.  All of our guests had a great time."

Chinqua Penn PlantationAmber & Seth Echols 4/21/2012
Reidsville, NC

"Both Larry & April returned calls promptly unlike other DJ’s we tried contacting.  Both were very helpful and concerned on making sure our day was perfect.  April called a day or two before our wedding just to double check on our 1st dance song, which I greatly appreciated."

Round Peak VineyardMelissa & Keith Johnson4/21/2012
Mt. Airy, NC

"I would say that meeting with Larry and April sealed the deal for us.  In our meeting, their only concern was to make our day special and our happiness.  That meant a lot to us.  Tony was amazing!!  We could not have been more pleased.  He interacted with our guests and everyone loved him.  We are trying to find an excuse just to hire him again!!  Thanks to you and April for coming out to check on everything. That meant a lot.  You all were wonderful.  Thanks.  Jason & Angie."

Magnolia ManorAngie & Jason Booth  4/27/2012
Colfax, NC

"April, you were an absolute joy to work with.  You were always there to answer any questions we had.  Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day so memorable and fun.  From the time I met Larry and April I knew A & A was the right choice.  They were so thorough in our first meeting.  We met for almost 2 hours and they made sure that all my needs were met and everyone had so much fun at the wedding.  I would recommend A & A to anyone.  Everyone had a wonderful time at the reception. I was on the dance floor the entire time.  April and Larry, thank you so much for a wonderful, unforgettable time.  Love you guys. ;)  Jenn & Shane."

Marriott Hotel                       Jennifer & Shane Williams   4/28/2012
Winston-Salem, NC

"I felt so calm going to the reception knowing that everything was planned out ahead of time.  Larry & April were great to work with and very courteous and respectful.  The music could have been a little louder during the introduction of the bridal party.  Jeff was very flexible.  We changed the schedule several times throughout the evening and he was able to adjust quickly.  A & A was a perfect choice.  I appreciated all the effort they put in even though our wedding was small.  Jeff was great to work with.  He played our requested songs and a good mix or party music.  I would recommend A & A to other brides and grooms in a heart beat.  Thank you Larry & April for helping make our day so great!!!"

UNCG Alumni House               Brielle & Nathan Stephenson4/28/2012
Greensboro, NC

"Overall we had a very pleasant experience working with A & A.  Michael did a great job, especially since our wedding was his first as the primary DJ in charge of everything.  We were so glad that April was at our wedding.  She was a big help.  We are also glad we used the up-lighting.  It would be great if you added a music data base to your web site to help couples put together their “must play” list.  Oh yea, we loved the shoely wed game."

Broyhill Office Suites        Courtney & Thomas Wileman      4/28/2012
Clemmons, NC

"We thoroughly enjoyed our initial meeting with Larry & April.  They both made me feel very comfortable from the beginning.  They were easy to work with and respected all of my wishes.  John and I were incredibly pleased with the DJ service at the wedding.  The music was perfect.  Al was fantastic.  He was energetic, fun and willing to make our wedding the best it could be.  Our guests were very complimentary of Al as well.  Thank you for everything!!  It was absolutely perfect!!"

Burke Manor                         Katy & John Henry Harrelson       5/5/2012
Gibsonville, NC

"April was extremely helpful and honest.  We had a great time at Amy’s brother’s wedding back on April 10, 2010 that A & A did.  We knew then we had to have A & A for our wedding.  We are so glad we did.  Larry made sure that everyone at our reception had a blast, from the older people to the youngest.  Our friends are still talking about the reception.  We couldn’t have asked for a better party."

Old Salem Visitor’s Center                Amy & Kyle Matthews      5/5/2012
Winston-Salem, NC

"I loved our meeting and the detailed list of events for the night.  It helped to communicate my vision.  April and Larry were very knowledgeable in their field and were willing and open to make MY vision come alive, not theirs.  After meeting, we felt confident, even though it meant breaking our previously set budget limits for the DJ, we felt it was worth it to ensure we got the best quality.  Overall it was a great experience.  Larry played everything that was requested.  I loved the old fashion microphone for the best man and maid of honor speeches.  Very cool…  I noticed a couple of times a song would start and then be changed, so I’m not sure what that was about.  Overall, it was a great experience from beginning to end.  Our family and friends were on the dance floor , and that is what we wanted.  Thanks you also for going 15 minutes over for us to complete everything.  The “Love Story” was great.  Steve complained to me when I first told him about it because he doesn’t like his business being in public.  However, when we were sitting at the sweetheart table he was laughing about the story and told me “this was cool.”  You wrote all that?  It was definitely special to the both of us.  Thank you for putting the lovely story together.  I wish we could have a copy of the story.  I heard it, but the day goes by so fast that I can’t completely remember it, especially the part he wrote.  I believe it enhanced our wedding and made it special, although it could have been a little shorter.  Maybe that was my fault for writing so much towards the end.  Guests only said positive things about the story.  Thanks for taking the time and putting it together.  It truly means a lot." 

Airport Marriott Hotel               Sarah & Steven Cheffy      5/19/2012
Greensboro, NC

"Larry, Thank you for making our special night go so smoothly.  You truly do offer a professional experience and service."

Sheraton Hotel                                    Amy & David Kim       5/26/2012
Greensboro, NC

"Larry & April were both very helpful and reassuring.  I loved them!  I was more than pleased with A & A.  They were very helpful before the wedding, especially with my special circumstances.  Al was wonderful!  He made my wedding perfect.  He was very nice, professional and fun.  Thanks."

Hodgin Valley Farm                    Niki & Spencer Beasley     6/2/2012
Pleasant Garden, NC

"Thanks so much for coming through for us at the last minute.  The evening exceeded our expectations in almost every way!"

Doris Duke Center                     Amanda & Matthew Edwards  6/2/2012
Durham, NC

"Larry and April, thank you for taking our many calls and emails and constantly reassuring us and putting our minds at ease.  We were hooked after our initial phone conversation and meeting.  Larry and April, you were both so friendly and helpful that you immediately put us at ease and we knew we could trust you to make our day great.  As I said, it was so great to know we could trust you to help us.  You returned our calls promptly and gave us your undivided attention during calls and meetings.  Tony was fabulous.  He was fun, friendly, and energetic and he took care of everything for us.  We had no worries with him as our DJ."

Grandover Resort                    Stephanie & Nick Vaccaro  6/28/2012
Greensboro, NC

"The DJ services were excellent and helped make our celebration memorable.  I was told that A & A does this exclusively as their primary job and it shows."

O.Henry Hotel                                    Jeanette & Alan Pope  7/7/2012
Greensboro, NC

"Everything was great.  Only place we had a little miscommunication (through the director) was on the length of the songs when the bride walked in and for the unity candle.  We are glad we picked A & A and will definitely recommend them.  The “Love Story” was great.  Good timing.  Good sound FX.  It included fun and sentimental moments in our relationship.  It kept the audience’s attention.  It was also very unique.  We have only seen it at our wedding.  Really glad we did it."

Empire Room                               Amanda & Matt Maynard  7/14/2012
Greensboro, NC

"Their quick responses to my questions kept me (the bride) calm.  Overall we were very happy with A & A.  Tony was very helpful on our wedding day and kept things moving smoothly.  He was very flexible and went with the flow.  Guests loved all the music played."

Tanglewood Barn                                Jenna & Josh Simmons  8/4/2012
Clemmons, NC

"Thanks so much for creating a fantastic experience for our daughter and son-in-law’s reception.  We all had a blast.  Thanks again and we will highly recommend A & A to anyone."

Holiday Inn, Univ. Pkwy                   Jan Hull  (MOB – Carrie & Brian)    8/18/2012
Winston-Salem, NC                                                                                         

"April was extremely helpful and the information we got during our pre-planning meeting was amazing.   Thank you so much for everything.  I thought it was great that we got a CD that we can enjoy for many years to come."

Rosa Lee Manor                                  Abby & Justin Kirkman10/27/2012
Mt.Airy, NC

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