First of all, we at A & A would like to offer our congratulations on your engagement.  That is, of course, unless you are only visiting this page to help out a friend or relative. 
If you have recently become engaged, then you may already have realized that starting with the proposal and leading up until the end of your wedding day, your life has suddenly become a series of “moments.”  The moment that you saw him down on one knee and realized that he was about to ask you to share his life with him:  The moment that you take that first step down the aisle and see his face smiling at you from the other end:  The moment that you say “I do.”  These “moments” continue through the end of one of the most important and memorable days in your life and each one will hopefully become a cherished memory.

As professional wedding entertainers, we realize that our primary function is to make certain that those moments that take place at your reception occur flawlessly and with as little effort or stress on the part of the bride and groom as possible.  I often compare directing the entertainment at a reception to putting on a play.  If it is done properly, the guests never see the rehearsals, the props being moved behind the curtains or the assistants whispering lines to those who may have momentarily lost their place.  The guests only see the finished product, and to them, it looks natural and effortless.  Making it look that way, however, takes a lot of work.

And the backdrop to all of these moments is the music.  Just ask any bride who has sat in a restaurant many years after her wedding and suddenly noticed the music playing in the background, teared up and commented to her friends, “that’s the song I dance with my dad to at my wedding.”  Music is the auditory cue that will help us lock those moments into our memories for recall throughout the rest of our lives. 

Consequently, the music and the master of ceremonies duties are two of the most important elements that shape a wedding celebration.  Your master of ceremonies will control the flow of events so that they seem smooth and relaxed and never feel rushed (even when they actually are).  The music will set the tone and atmosphere so that your guests can be drawn into YOUR vision or the day you have planned and dreamed about for so long.

However, hiring the right person or service for your event can be a daunting task.  In any geographical area there are hundreds of people claiming to be wedding DJ’s or entertainers, so how do you find the one that is right for you?  Let us help.  We understand what it takes to create a sensational wedding entertainment experience. 
We perform at hundreds of events throughout the southeast every year.  Over 90% of all of our business revolves around the weddings and receptions.  We know that a professional appearance is just as important as the quality of the sound and that nothing is more important than the bride’s peace of mind.

We have the experience to make your wedding day dreams come true.  We personalize each and every aspect of every event to assure that every couple is getting exactly the celebration they’ve always wanted, not a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all type of service.
We are there every step of the way to assist you in your planning and offer advice, but the final decisions are always left up to you.  After all, this is YOUR day.

No couple plans an event of this significance wanting it to be anything but a huge success, and the entertainment service you choose will make the difference between your guests feeling as though they have been treated to a unique entertainment event, or an undesirable experience.  Surveys have proven time and again, it is the entertainment (not the flowers or food) that create the most lasting impressions on your guests.  With A & A you can be confident that your day will be enhanced by our experienced professionals turning your dreams into a reality.

We want you to relax in the knowledge that the important details of your event are being handled for you.  So that you can minimize the number of vendors you have to deal with, we can also provide you with a Photo Booth Service and decorative lighting design for your venue.  If you are hoping for an unforgettable, stress free celebration, then let’s talk.  We offer a free, no obligation consultation so that you can come in and discuss all of your ideas for your day and we can let you know about all of the choices that are available.  This means that each couple can decide for themselves what they need to make their day special and unique, which also give you control over your pricing.  Our goal is not just to “satisfy” our clients.  We want your guests telling you that yours was the best wedding reception they have attended….EVER!!!

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