never subcontracts work to outsiders.  

We only use our own experienced, trained professionals to handle your event.  Every weekend, at least one of our staff is kept in reserve with a full set of equipment.  This way, even if an illness or injury should affect one of our staff, your event is never in any jeopardy.  While their backgrounds vary, all of our wedding professionals have extensive experience handling wedding celebrations.   

While each of our staff has their own personality and distinct style, they are all very flexible and operate as a team.  If one of them develops a new routine or finds a new sequence of musical selections that wows an audience, they are eager to share it with the rest of our staff, because their goals are always to give ALL of our clients the best entertainment experience possible.

You can allow our office staff to select the performer that they believe will be the best match for your personality and the style of performance needed for your celebration.  Or, if you prefer, you can request any one of our staff based on their bios, evaluations, or perhaps because you have seen them at a friend or relatives event.  You can also book any of our “Featured Performers” to be guaranteed that they will be the performer at your celebration.

Equipment and music are things that anyone can go out and purchase.  What makes the biggest difference in a client’s overall entertainment experience is the training, attitude and experience of the person performing at your event.  Every one of our staff understands that while they may do this on a regular basis, each event at which they perform it is a once in a life-time experience for our clients.  They strive to make sure that your celebration lives up to and exceeds all of your expectations, as well as guiding you through the event with as little stress as possible.  Your complete satisfaction is always our first priority. 
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