For over 40 years A & A Disc Jockey Service has operated on one basic principle:

No matter what type of celebration someone is planning;  no matter how large or small; no matter how formal or casual;  everyone should be able to have professional, reliable entertainment to enhance their event if that is their choice, and they should only have to pay for the services that they actually need.

I’d like to take a minute to talk about a few elements that we feel makes A & A Disc Jockey Service an outstanding entertainment value. 

Staff: Our staff are treated as employees.  While they each have their own personalities and personal styles, they are all hired by us and trained by us.  We provide their state of the art sound and lighting equipment and make certain that they have all of those “special requests” before they head to an event.  They wear our uniforms and conduct themselves by our code of conduct.  Those specializing in weddings are professionally trained masters of ceremonies. 

Training:  Each of our personnel, regardless of their backgrounds and prior experience, are required to go through our extensive training program.  Because our standards of excellence are much higher than most services of our type and because we have earned and enjoy an enviable reputation in our 33 years in business, only the very best make the grade to work for us.  Training does not mean that they are simply taught how to operate the equipment or to mix music.  They are each trained to read an audience and anticipate the music to which they will respond.  They are taught how to handle a variety of unforeseen circumstances that might otherwise threaten the success of a client’s event.  Special attention is given to make certain that they are familiar with the customs and traditions surrounding the types of events we do, be those weddings, receptions, or bar / bat mitzvahs.  Our most experienced personnel can quite literally take over and direct the flow of activities at a reception.  This training never ends.  Through continuous workshops and training classes they stay up to date as customs change or technological advances occur so that they can better serve our clients. 

Attire:  We understand the importance of good taste at a formal gathering and therefore there is no additional charge for tuxedo attire.  It is our standard for formal events.  If your occasion is less formal and you want the disc jockey dressed to suit the festivities, or perhaps you want their tuxedo vest to match your color scheme, this can also easily be arranged.

Incentives:  We give our performers every incentive to provide you and your guests with the best possible service.  They are paid based on performance.  If your guests are having a wonderful time and stay longer than you expected the performer profits.  We also provide our staff with pay raises, bonuses and other incentives to encourage them to give their very best performance at every event. 

Quality Control:  We assure the professional quality of our performances in several ways.  Our own in-house professional wedding consultant works closely with our couples to help them plan the formalities to take place at their events.  Then she briefs our performers to make certain they know exactly what each client is looking for and expects.  Every client is sent an evaluation form following their event to complete and return to us so that we can assure their satisfaction.  In addition, our management team personally visits over 90% of our events while they are in progress to be certain that everything is taking place as it should, and our staff knows that we routinely videotape selected events so that their performances can be critiqued by the entire staff as we search for areas in which we can make improvements. 

Cooperation with Other Event Professionals:  Our performers are trained to work as a cooperative unit with your caterer, photographer, event planner, and any other event professionals whose combined efforts are required to make your event a huge success.  We take pride in the confidence that area banquet managers, photographers and event planners show in us by recommending us to their clients and we value the relationships we have developed with them over the years.

Backup:  Most companies claim to have backup equipment and personnel available, but it usually just means that they have a list of telephone numbers they can call and “hope” that someone answers.  We actually go to the expense of paying one of our staff to be on standby each week just in case there are any problems.  Our performers take their responsibilities very seriously.   However, should an emergency arise such as an illness or injury, it’s nice to know that your event will never in any jeopardy.   

What You See is What You Get:  OUR staff will always be the ones performing at your event.  When we set up at area bridal shows, it is our staff and equipment you will see there.  Beware of companies who use a “bait and switch” tactic” by showing video or photos of performers and equipment from outside the area or state that may be a part of their national franchise, but will definitely NOT be at your event.  Also, be certain that a company’s contract guarantees that they will not sell your contract to another company or farm the work out to cheaper services just because they get a more lucrative offer for the same date.

Specialization: While we perform at other types of celebrations, we specialize in family oriented events such as weddings, receptions, bar / bat mitzvahs, birthday and anniversary parties.  Having done these types of events for over 33 years, we understand what is needed to make them a success better than anyone else.  We have specific staff members with different expertise who specialize in school functions, the standard (or more elaborate) sweet 16 parties and corporate events.

Personalized Entertainment:   At A & A we operate under the premise and assumption that every event and audience is different and that each client should be able to have the type of celebration that they want.  This is especially true in the case of couples planning their weddings.  We know that there is NOT one generic wedding reception format that will please every couple.  Every couple has their own likes and dislikes; their own priorities; and their own budget concerns.  They each develop their own idea about what THEIR ideal rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception should be like, and it isn’t the same as everyone else’s.  That is why we have developed our own extensive planning kit to help our couples plan their events and review it with them to make certain that both the music and our performance is designed to meet THEIR needs.  I once actually had a bride confide in me that she had spoken to another service before calling us and that she was told that she shouldn’t worry about planning any details for the reception because he (the DJ) had been doing this a long time so HE would make those decisions for her.  Beware of any entertainment company who starts telling you what they will do at your event without ever asking what YOU want your celebration to be like.  Their job should be to inform you of what is available, not to make decisions for you.  After all, this is YOUR day.

Flexible Pricing:  We firmly believe that clients should never have to pay for more services than they need or want.  That is why we have many packages to choose from and will modify any of them to make certain that all of your needs are being met, but that you are not incurring unnecessary expenses.

Your Satisfaction is Our First Priority:  At A & A Disc Jockey Service, we don’t consider your wedding, anniversary party, or other celebration something we have to work into our regular routine.  It IS our regular routine.  This is our full time occupation.  After 38 years in the industry, I still can’t help but smile when someone asks me what I do for a living.  When I tell them, they always ask the same question:  “Well, what do you do during the week?  You know - your full time job?”  That is because most of the people in our industry do this on a part time basis.  When I am asked what I do during the week, I have to explain to people that I spend Monday through Friday making preparations to make certain that the events we are doing that weekend go off flawlessly.  Most other people in our industry spend that time working in an office, factory, or some other occupation.  This is why you hear so many stories about mishaps and things going wrong at important celebrations.  It isn’t because the entertainers lack talent.  It is because they simply do not have the time to prepare properly for the events and end up “winging it” on the day of the event.  For each average 4 hour wedding reception at which we perform, a minimum of 14 – 20 hours is spent rehearsing and preparing.  And trust me, it shows.
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