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A & A brings the absolute best sound and lighting equipment money can buy to your event! Whether your event is for 30 people or 5,000 people, A & A will provide the highest quality sound system perfectly suited for your venue and audience.  We have back-up equipment standing by for every event, to ensure that there will be little or no interruption in the music. We are constantly keeping equipment upgraded and maintained to ensure that you will be provided with the best sound and lighting possible.

All of our DJ systems are comprised of professional components. We use absolutely no consumer (home) grade equipment. All systems are neatly installed in clean, attractive cases. Our setup is compact and all cables are hidden from view. Each sound system is thoroughly maintained and tested by our equipment manager on a weekly basis.

In addition to providing great DJ services, we can also provide you with professional sound reinforcement, PA and stage lighting to suit your type of event.

Can any company actually claim to offer a premium level of service if they try to sell their clients on the idea that they can use the same equipment set-up for every event regardless of the size of the room, acoustics, number of guests, etc?  You know the answer.  Yet, many DJ companies try to do just that.  At A & A, we have a variety of power and speaker configurations so that we can custom fit the sound system to suit your needs.

The Basics: A & A Disc Jockey Service offers a variety of equipment set-ups so that exactly the right type of sound reinforcement can be provided for each and every event.  For most events, our standard sound system works fine.  JBL and Macke speakers are considered the industry standard and deliver high quality sound with good dynamic range and audio response.  These are excellent, general purpose speakers, but there are some situations where they may not be suitable.

Ceremonies: When doing music for a ceremony, whether it is outside or in the lobby of a beautiful hotel, large 15 inch speaker cabinets on stands can be distracting, take up too much space, and are frankly over-kill from a power perspective.  A & A has three different “mini-system” configurations to accommodate the needs of any ceremony setting, while still maintaining a neat appearance with minimal intrusion on the surrounding décor. 

Extras:  In addition to the music, we can also provide a wireless lavaliere microphone for your minister, as well as microphones and stands for any readers, soloists or musicians that might need amplification.

Special Needs:  At some events, you need a lot of sound, but set-up space is hard to come by.  In these situations, instead of our standard 15 inch speakers, technology allows us to use much smaller 8 inch speakers and combine them with small sub-cabinets so that we can get a huge sound, with minimal space consumption.

Our Premium Sound System:  In the audio world, one name stands above all the rest.  Bose has a reputation for innovation and for technology that allows for the highest quality of sound reproduction available anywhere.  The Bose L-1 Systems take up minimal space, have an elegant appearance and use a technology called “reflective sound” to fill your room with clear, precise, and evenly distributed sounds without overpowering volume levels.  Your guests really will notice the difference.

The right equipment really can make a difference.

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