The Key to Affording a Sensational Wedding Entertainment Experience

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Experience: I know.  You’re probably wondering what I mean when I refer to your wedding entertainment experience as “sensational”? 

My Webster’s dictionary defines sensational as “exceedingly or unexpectedly excellent or great.”  But let’s break that down a bit.

To live up to that definition, we have to go above and beyond the “expectations” that both you and your guests have acquired based upon prior experiences with other disc jockey services.  Depending on what your past experiences have been, that could mean a lot of things.  So where do we start?

Equipment:  First, you’ll notice that our equipment is better than it has to be.  But you and your guests are worth it.  We make the assumption that OUR clients prefer music that is clear and pleasing to the ear.  Not just loud.  No one likes to shout to carry on a conversation over the distortion of lousy speakers. 

Our Staff: You’ll also notice that our wedding performers are not just “DJ’s.”  They are all fully trained Masters of Ceremonies and entertainment directors.  They can take control of your event to make certain that YOUR plans are being carried out so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.  They also know how to make sure that your guests enjoy the experience without going over the top.  By now, I’m sure you have seen or heard about enough weddings with “cheesy DJ’s” to know that this is NOT an extravagance.  It is a necessity.

And on such a stressful day, how “sensational” would it be to have just a little more peace of mind?  Back-up personnel and equipment are always on standby “just in case” of that emergency that we all hope never happens.  So your event is never in jeopardy.

Premium Customer Service: Most importantly, you will find that A & A takes the concept of customer service to a whole new level.  As we assist you with the planning of your event (long before your actual wedding day), you will begin to understand what premium service is all about.

What I really mean by “sensational” is a quality of sound, performance and service that is far beyond the ordinary

Personalization and Flexibility: So, how do you afford this “sensational” experience? It’s simple.  We allow each couple to personalize every aspect of their event.  Every couple’s needs, desires and priorities are different.  So we do not offer a one-size-fits-all or cookie cutter type of service.  You select the service that meets all of your needs, and that fits within your budget.  If you are interested in a package that includes services that you do not need, let us know and we will remove those services to reduce your costs.  Keep it simple, or do everything you can to make your celebration unique and perhaps even spectacular.  It’s up to you.

Great Value: I know.  We’ve thrown a lot of adjectives around here.  “Sensational.”  “Spectacular.”  “Unique” But the one we don’t want our clients to end up using is “extravagant.”  How does my Websters define extravagant?  “Exceeding the limits of reason or necessity; spending much more than necessary; unreasonably high in price.”
Discerning brides know that the prices of the services they need for their day have to be viewed in the context of the value they offer.

Consultation:  By now, you may be thinking, “he doesn’t even know me, so how can he possibly know what I want?”  You’re right.  Every couple’s vision of their celebration is as unique as they are, and that’s the way it should be.  That is why you need to call so that we can discuss your event in detail and determine your needs.  This is an important decision.  We don’t take it lightly and we don’t believe you should either.

Call today to get a quote or make an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation. Let’s see if we are holding YOUR key to making all of your “sensational” wedding day dreams come true. 

Call us in NC at (336) 292-5446, in VA at (434) 792-7150, or
on our toll free number at (800) 742-1683.

Experience:                                                                                               Back to the top

A & A Disc Jockey Service does more than just provide great music.  They also serve as your master of ceremonies and entertainment director by coordinating all of the activities at your event.  That means making sure that our couples and their families, as well as other vendors such as photographers and caterers, are kept informed as your structured and scheduled activities are announced and take place.  We make it our duty to make certain that you are never placed in an awkward or embarrassing situation at your celebration.  Once when I was a guest at a wedding, I witnessed a bride trying awkwardly to put on her garter in the middle of the dance floor because her DJ failed to check with her before he took it upon himself to announce the garter removal. 

A & A has been providing this high level of service to brides throughout the southeast for over 32 years.  All of our personnel have been hired by us and trained by us and have years of experience in making every celebration a huge success.  As you can tell from the logos, we are charter members of the Triad Bridal Association and also members in good standing of the Chamber of Commerce and the American Disc Jockey Association, and recently received the Reader’s Choice Award voted on by the readers of Triad Weddings Magazine.  Our owner is now serving his second term on the board of directors for the North Carolina chapter of the ADJA (which was recently honored during the national convention as the “Chapter of the Year” for 2009), and is also serving his forth term on the executive committee of the Triad Bridal Association.  A & A has also been voted the “Best of Weddings” in the music category by the members of The for the past three years in a row.

Talking about OUR experience is fine, but what really counts is your experience. 
The experience you will have and share with your friends and family on one of the most important and memorable days in your lives.  We want to make sure that all of your friends and family leave your event telling you that YOUR wedding reception was the best they’ve ever attended…EVER!

What Is Premium Customer Service?                                                   Back to the top

A & A Disc Jockey Service has maintained its reputation as the premier service of its type throughout North Carolina by providing its clients with a level of service that goes far beyond that offered by anyone else in the industry.  By definition, that means that we are not the cheapest service around.  Every business must find its own niche, and for some, being the least expensive is their claim to fame.  At A & A we simply made the decision to provide the best and most comprehensive service possible to those clients who are planning important events.  Those are the events, as one of our clients once told us, “When only the BEST will do.” 

Of course, we also want to be as flexible as possible.  Consequently, any of our packages can be modified to make certain that each couple is getting everything they need, but that they are NOT paying for things that they do not need or want.

One of the most common questions perspective clients have when calling is that they want to know what “premium service” is all about.  They want to know what features set us apart from other services of our type.  Since these have earned us a reputation that we are very proud of, I’d like to detail them here.

Business Structure:  Premium service shouldn’t just be a slogan.  It has to be something that is built into the very structure and foundation of the company so that it happens by design, not by accident.  Assisting our clients who are planning important events in their lives is my full time job.  I decided many years ago that I could not claim to give clients the best possible service if my first loyalties were to another job or business.  I want to be able to say with complete confidence that YOUR satisfaction with your event is my first priority.

Consistency and Quality:  These have to be things that our clients can depend upon, so they too are built into the structure of the business.  We are not a booking agency.  We never subcontract work out to outside performers or other companies.  All of our staff are hired and trained by us and we supply the music and equipment they use.  They are trained to handle a wide variety of circumstances and can be real problem solvers for our clients if the need arises. 

Peace of Mind:  This is one of the most important commodities that we can offer a client.  When someone is planning an important celebration like a wedding or bar / bat mitzvah, the last thing they need is to have to worry about getting a last minute call cancelling the entertainment for their event.  For every date on which we have events booked, A & A goes to the expense of paying one of its fully trained staff members to be in a back-up status.  Many people “claim” to have back up personnel when all they really have is a list of phone numbers of people who may or may not answer if the need arises.  Your event is just too important to us to take that chance.  So even in a worse case scenario (a staff person becoming ill or injured) your event is never in any jeopardy.

Service means more than just showing up:  A & A Disc Jockey Service believes that customer service has to be more than just a catch phrase.  Many people in the wedding entertainment industry feel that they have just two jobs.  First, make the sale.  Then, show up to perform on the day of the event.  Of course, in our industry that is what is referred to as “flying by the seat of your pants” or “winging it” and is the one thing that most often creates embarrassments and disasters at important celebrations.

We understand that for most couples who are planning important events like their weddings, this is the largest, most expensive and most important social gathering they have ever, and most likely will ever be hosting.  That means that the stress associated with it doesn’t simply consist of the worries and anticipation that you wake up with on the morning of your big day. 

It means months and months of concerns about details of every size and description from managing the guest list and making sure that the bridal party is introduced properly to seeing to it that the bubbles or flower petals are all set for your formal departure. 

At A & A, we make the commitment to be there to assist and advise our clients throughout the planning process.  From the moment you sign your contract until you leave your reception, we will be there to do whatever we can to help make your celebration as memorable and as worry-free as possible.  For an average 4 hour wedding reception, our team invests from 14 – 18 hours in preparation at a minimum.  Telephone calls or emails to us are always responded to within 24 hours, or in the case of a holiday, on the next regular work day. 

Free Professional Wedding Planning Assistance: A & A is the only company of its type in the area that has a professional wedding consultant to offer advice and assistance to our clients.  April Plummer (Above and Beyond Wedding and Event Planning) makes herself available to our clients throughout the months of planning preceding your event.  If you have questions of any kind, you simply pick up the telephone and give her a call.  There is NO additional fee for her services in this capacity.  Of course, if you actually need her to serve as your full time wedding consultant or director, you can contact her through her own company.
But for our clients, she will be happy to answer any questions you have or offer advice for solutions to any problems you might be anticipating.  Whether you need help organizing the schedule of events at your reception, need suggestions for music selections for your formal activities, or referrals to other professional services you might need, you can call at any time without incurring any additional fees.  This is one of the many efforts we make to help ensure that your planning experience is as stress free as possible.

Managing your reception: Once your event begins, our performers will act as your music programmer, master of ceremonies and wedding entertainment director.  They will manage the flow of activities to see to it that all of your plans are carried out.  They will help and advise you if any problems arise that need solutions.  They will be in contact with you throughout the event to make certain that your needs are being met, but you won’t have to worry about making stressful decisions when you are supposed to be celebrating.  All of those details will have been worked out weeks and months in advance through the use of our detailed planning kit and discussions with our professional event planner.

Professionalism: Anyone can put an ad in a magazine or local telephone directory declaring themselves to be a wedding photographer, disc jockey, videographer, etc:
The only qualification to have a booth at a bridal show is that you can pay the cost to rent the booth space.  It takes more than an advertisement to make someone a professional in their field.  So what steps do we take to set ourselves apart as true professionals?

1)  Membership in professional associations.  A & A Disc Jockey Service is a
member of the Triad Bridal Association (TBA).  The unique nature of the
TBA is that you can not simply choose to join and pay your dues.  You have
to be recognized as being one of the top businesses in your respective fields
and then be voted in by the best wedding professionals in the triad area.  We
are also members of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA).  The ADJA is a national association of mobile entertainers, most of whom focus on the wedding industry.  This way we keep up with new developments and trends regardless of where in the country they might be originating.  We are also members of our local Chamber of Commerce.

2)  Trade publication subscriptions.  In addition to subscribing to all of the major
bridal magazines so that we can keep up with current trends, we also subscribe to Mobile Beat Magazine.  This international publication keeps
those of us in the mobile disc jockey industry informed of the latest developments in technology, equipment, and performance techniques.

3)  Licensing and Insurance.  A & A Disc Jockey Service is fully licensed and
insured.  We carry full liability coverage as well as insuring our equipment against loss or damage.  Our business license is on file in Greensboro, NC and can be verified under reference number 0228845.

Follow-up:  After every event at which we perform, we send a written evaluation to the client.  This is our way of constantly monitoring the performances of our staff so that we can make adjustments when necessary.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve the services that we offer our clients and who better to accept suggestions from than the clients we have already served.

Personalization and Flexibilty:                                                                Back to the top

At A & A we never loose sight of the fact that this is YOUR wedding day, not ours.  We can be there to answer questions and give advice, but the final decisions about your event always rest with you.  One of the things that I tell all of our clients is that they should allow their receptions to reflect their own personalities.  That way, the memories they carry with them at the end of the evening will be much more meaningful.

Great Value:                                                                                                Back to the Top 

Most brides find out early on during their planning process that “cost” and “value” are two totally separate things.  We all want to get the best things or services we can for the best price possible.  But we also know that inexpensive flowers are not a bargain if they are wilted and dying before you can make it down the aisle.  A cheap photographer didn’t save you any money if you can’t find ten good prints to put into an album, because those moments are now lost forever.  And, a cut rate performer hasn’t given you a good value if most of your guests leave early because they have become either bored or offended.  By allowing you to personalize your event and pay for only the services that you actually need, we feel that we can offer you the best entertainment value available anywhere.

Consultation:                                                                                                Back to the top

We encourage you to call our office.  We will be happy to discuss your event in detail and even offer a free, no obligation consultation so that you can come in and meet with us.  We want to get as clear a picture of YOUR vision for your celebration as we can.  We want to give you the opportunity to ask questions and understand our unique approach to working with our clients.  We want you to feel comfortable that we are going to be able to meet all of your needs and that we are the “best fit” for achieving your goals.  If not, we will be happy to refer you to others in the industry that we respect and feel will give you professional service. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if a performer is quick to give you an instant quote for their services over the telephone, without knowing any real details about your event or your needs, it means that their charges are the same for everyone.  That, in turn, means that they provide exactly the same services and performance for everyone.  This is where the term “cookie-cutter reception” comes from.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to see if you are comfortable with our service, (which can do a lot to reduce your stress during the planning process), we also want to do an assessment of your needs.  This is a very important day.  We certainly want to make certain that you are getting everything that you need.  But we also want to make sure that you are not paying for things that you do not need or want.  This is how you achieve real value. 

We at A & A look forward to meeting with you and to assisting you in any way possible so that the first day that you spend as husband and wife lives up to all of your expectations and becomes one of your fondest memories. 

Please call us at the numbers below to arrange for your free consultation.

(336) 292-5446

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