Let us create that WOW factor at your event!  Lighting of any kind can add energy and atmosphere to your celebration.  But all types of lighting are not right for every event, so let’s break down the various types of lighting that are available so that you can decide what will best suit your needs.

There are two general categories or event lighting: Dance Lighting and Up-lighting. 

Dance Lighting

Dance lighting consists of various lights focused on or around the dance floor for the purpose of generating energy and creating an atmosphere where some of your guests may be less inhibited about getting up and dancing.  These can consist of variety of fixtures, most of which either go on and off (or change color) with the beat of the music or those that create patterns that rotate or move around arbitrarily, or to the beat of the music.  In this modern age of smaller yet brighter fixtures and LED effects, the need for a huge trussing system with dozens of fixtures that create an eye sore in the midst of your space is really obsolete.  Here are some of our basic offerings:

Basic Dance Lighting Package

Consists of a  minimum of 3 – 4 basic lighting effects.  Some go on an off with the beat of the music while others move to the tempo.  Basic dance lighting is already included in any “Gold Package.”
This simply allows us to dim the house lighting once the dance floor is open to set a more festive atmosphere where some of the guests may be less inhibited about dancing.

Standard Dance Lighting Package

In addition to Basic Dance Lighting Package, this includes a separate stand and 2 intelligent lighting effects running on automatic programs.  Intelligent lights produce a variety of patterns through constantly changing gobos that are reflected off a mirror so that they can move to project them all around the room.  They add more of a dance club atmosphere.
Add two more intelligent lights on a separate stand (for a total of 4) with larger groups and venues to maximize coverage.

Deluxe Dance Lighting Package

Includes 4 intelligent lights on two separate stands along with Basic Dance Lighting. 
DMX controller to allow for programmed as well as manual control of the pattern and direction of the lights.  This allows you to create patterns and direct them to the ceiling or walls to give a canopy effect or to turn one of the lights into a small spot light to be aimed at a speaker or to highlight individuals on the dance floor.  
A professional lighting technician to be there with the DJ / MC throughout the night to maintain and operate the lights for maximum effect.


Up-lighting or décor lighting is generally thought of as lighting that is used to enhance the look of the room or space in which your event is to take place.  These can be focused anywhere in the room, including your dance floor, but their purpose is very different.

Imagine walking into your banquet room and seeing the room glow in a romantic color scheme that you have chosen!  Up-lighting is like "the icing on the cake." It really makes the room complete!

Lights shine up walls, columns or onto a specific area to bring a beautiful and eye catching feel to your space. Lighting sets the mood, directs attention, and can transform your event space into something extraordinary.  Lighting can diffuse, mask, or take the eyes where you want them to go.  From weddings to corporate events, we offer state-of-the-art lighting and professional service.  Up-lighting adds that special touch to any room!

Up-lighting for Weddings:  The right lighting sets the mood and tone of a wedding reception, effectively tying together décor and theme in a way that encourages people to relax, shed their inhibitions and have a truly memorable time.  Up-lighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background for the most beautiful and well planned day of your lives together as a couple.  Using up-lighting brings out the colors of your wedding, your flowers, your bridesmaids dresses and highlights aspects of the room, to help create a unique and emotional impression on your guests. 

How does up-lighting work?  Lights are placed on floor level facing up so that the light runs up the wall, pillar or other element that you want to illuminate to the ceiling.  Depending upon your desires, the up-lighting can be a focused beam of light or a diffused spread of colors.  You can have all the lights displaying a single color to tie them into your color pallet, you can vary the colors in various parts of the room, or you can have them all fade through a synchronized sequence of different colors.

Lighting is one of the most popular upgrades in recent years.  This is true mainly because there are simply so many options available that the only limit you have to the things that you can accomplish is your own imagination.  Whether it is a simple accent light for your cake table, a wide variety of dance lighting effects, decorative up-lighting of your venue or a customized projection of your monogram on the dance floor, lighting can really set the tone and add elegance to even the simplest of events.  If a particular lighting package does not meet your needs, let us know and we will custom design a package and price point to your specifications.  Call today to add up-lighting to any of our amazing packages.

Up-lighting Options

Up-lighting is currently the most popular lighting upgrade.  Pick your favorite color or one that accents your color scheme. Use standard halogen fixtures or LED fixtures (each has its advantages, just ask us).  Lights can be placed to glance up walls to the ceiling to change the atmosphere of the entire room or used to bring some dark corners of the room to life.  Lights can be placed behind a sweetheart table or under tables to draw attention.  Small LED spotlights can highlight a sweetheart or cake table. LED lights can be set at a static color, or can run through a sequence of color changes.  To synchronize the color changes requires the use of a DMX controller.

Minimal or accent up-lighting (up to 4 fixtures)
Standard halogen fixtures or LED Fixtures

Basic Room Up-lighting Package (Designed to suit room – up to 12 fixtures)
Standard halogen fixtures or LED Fixtures

Pin Spot Lighting

A pin spot is a very small spot light that produces a narrow beam of light illuminating a small space. For example, a center piece, art display, with the aim of focusing or drawing guests attention.  Pin spots are usually hung on stands with bases near the perimeter of room, as it is usually difficult to hang from a facility’s ceilings.   Our stands are attractive in black aluminum and sturdy, with special attention to safety, making sure all wiring is secured properly.  Pin spots are usually in white light but can be any one color at no extra charge.

Minimal or accent pin spot lighting (Up to 2 fixtures) standard halogen fixtures,
or mini – LED pin spots (perfect for highlighting your cake)

Room Pin Spotting Package – (spotting each table or centerpiece in the room)
We have packages for 8 tables or less, 9 – 12 tables, or 12 - 16 tables.

Intelligent Lights as Up-Lighting

When combined with a DMX controller, intelligent lights can also be used as up-lighting tools.  Mounted on a stand (to project onto the floor), or setting on the floor (to project to the ceiling) these lights can be set to project various patterns or even a cluster of stars on the floor, wall or ceiling to create a magical effect in your room.  Since these are set and arranged in advance of your event and left with those patterns and positions for the night, there is no expense for a lighting technician to remain there during your event.  You can literally create a canopy of stars on the ceiling over your celebration.

Monogram or Logo Projection Package

How it’s done:  Gobos stand for “goes between the optics”, meaning the metal or glass pattern disk goes between the lamp and lens of a stage lighting unit. The image is then projected onto a surface. A monogram light is created from a design, whether a paper copy, illustration, or computer graphic.   It is then converted into a digital vector illustration; we can also use your wedding monogram to create a gobo from that. The design is then crafted into a piece of metal or high temperature glass called a gobo. Glass gobos give you more flexibility, but are also more expensive than quoted above.  The gobo is what the light projects through to create your image. Each of these gobo's is one of a kind and custom created by the manufacturer reflecting in the cost of these lights, but also the quality.  There are different types of gobo's: metal, glass and multicolored glass.  Metal gobo's punch the design through a solid piece of metal where punched out portions project light. These are the cheapest to make.  
The service includes your monogram, wedding date or custom logo projected onto a wall or dance floor in brilliant white or a single color of your choosing.  There are lots of fonts and designs to choose from or design your own.

Dance Floor Wash

A couple of powerful broad beam projection fixtures are mounted on stands and aimed at your dance floor.  They are equipped with filters that will project shadowed images of leaves, branches, stars, etc that cascade across your dance floor giving it a truly fairytale effect.  Two fixtures are generally needed except for smaller dance floor spaces.  

Slide Show Projection Packages

Includes a projector and a screen (front or rear projection capable) so that you can project a slide show of photographs during dinner or another appropriate time during the celebration.  Price assumes that client is providing input device (lap top, DVD player, etc).

You can also have us add a camcorder directed at the dance floor so guests can see themselves on the big screen, placed in a static position on a stand or with an operator.

Add a photographer with a digital camera taking photos of guests during the event.  Photographer snaps photos during the fun and keeps current photos on the screed via multiple memory cards and lap top slide show.   

Popular Individual Effects

Bliss Light:  The most popular single effect in our arsenal is currently the Bliss Light.  Through the use of a diffused laser and LED, it spreads a wondrous star field floating in a blue nebula across the ceiling.

Scrolling Message Sign:  Yes, you’ve seen them in store windows everywhere.  Have a scrolling congratulatory message to the bride and groom, to the bar mitzvah or birthday boy or girl, etc set up outside the ballroom or in another conspicuous location for all the guests to see.

Scrolling Message Projector:  For shorter, but larger messages, this LED fixture allows us to program in your message and then have that scrolling message projected onto a wall or the dance floor during the celebration.

Theatrical Spotlight:  When you REALLY want to accent a wall decoration, entranceway, or other feature of your décor.  Not recommended to be directed AT your guests.  This is really bright.

Lighted DJ Façade:  Surrounding the DJ’s table set up is a black cloth façade filled with tiny LED lights that glow and change color throughout the evening for a really professional looking set up.

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