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Photo Booth

What Makes A & A's Unique Photo Booth Experience 
So Different?

Most people are fairly familiar with the concept of a photo booth, so I'll simply point out some of the things that make our approach different.

Design: The booths we own are referred to as "Open Air Photo Booths" because they have no sides. We can use a variety of pipe and draping backdrops or a natural backdrop, but with no sides you are no longer limited to couples. We have had over 20 people in one picture. The ability to have all those various combinations of people in each session alone makes it more fun.

Props:  If you've experienced the average photo booth, most companies bring out 5 or 6 different hats, a few feather boas and half a dozen signs. But that means most of the photos look essentially the same. We bring out a huge array of props so that your guests can express their personalities in their choices, making it more fun, and you is more variety in the photos.

Image Quality: Most photo booths use a standard point and shoot digital camera or a web cam that produce mediocre (at best) resolution. Then they are printed on an ink jet printer that could be purchased at Office Depot for $150.00. The person who designed ours is an engineer, so that didn't work for him. The camera is a full sized Cannon DSLR with a high optical zoom lens, very much like the cameras your professional wedding photographer use. The printer is a $1600.00 DLP printer like those used in the labs where professionals have their photographs printed. We believe that if these prints are meant to be favors for your guests, the quality should make them something they want to keep and treasure.

Staffing: Once again we wanted to take a different approach. Most photo booths are self operated. A couple of people show up to set it up. Then they sit in a corner and eat snacks and watch to make sure nothing gets broken or stolen and then pack it up at the end of the night. We send two professional entertainers to operate our booth. One is both entertaining the guests (helping them change props and interacting with them) while at the same time making certain that they are getting high quality photos by giving making sure they are in focus, in frame, and giving them a countdown each time before the flash goes off so that they can hold their pose. The second person separates the strips and makes certain that all the props are kept in order and that the guests feel taken care of.

Bonus Features: When people go through a photo booth at most events they, as well as the clients, are told that if they want any additional prints they can go to a web site to order and pay for anything they need. We feel that the client has already paid for those images, so we simply mail them a DVD with all of the digital files, and not just the digital files of the strips, but also of the individual images. In addition, our second performer puts those duplicate strips into a nice memory book and encourages the guests to write message to the client, be they a pair of newlyweds, birthday girl or boy, bar or bat mitzvah celebrant, etc.

All of this is why we refer to it as our "Unique Photo Booth Experience." We don't want this to just be a token activity at your event, but a feature that gives your guests a favor they will treasure and an experience that they will truly enjoy and talk about for months to come. Call us for a quote today.  

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